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Food additives and benefits when used properly

Many consumers with constant fear of additives claim they are toxic chemicals. However, this concern is unnecessary for authorized additives because these substances have been shown to be safe for human health at acceptable levels. Make food always fresh Food additives, if properly used, will help us to enjoy a healthy variety of seasonal foods. Additives will keep your food fresh in at least five ways: Slow down the process. Maintain and enhance nutritional value for food. An indispensable ingredient in [...]

Boli Bio Company

We are the leading enzyme manufacturer in China with a reputation as a reliable supplier of quality enzyme products to domestic and foreign customers since its establishment in 2005. Equipped with advanced technology The production of GMP, 14001, 22000 and GMP standard. Our products, both Halal and Kosher certified, have been delivered to over 16 different countries over the years. Our strong technical team includes professionals with over 25 years of experience in research, development and production of enzyme [...]