Application of enzymes in Brewing

Abstract Brewing is one of the oldest food processes done by mankind. The technology of beer production took place six thousand years ago and has been done by the world’s oldest civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians. Nowadays, brewing is one of the lead food industries in the world in general and especially the west. Enzymes utilization is one of the main pillars of brewing industry, and weather the enzyme is endogenous in the kernel itself or been [...]

Applications of microbial enzymes in food industry

The use of enzymes or microorganisms in food preparations is an age-old process. With the advancement of technology, novel enzymes with wide range of applications and specificity have been developed and new application areas are still being explored. Microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast and fungi and their enzymes are widely used in several food preparations for improving the taste and texture and they offer huge economic benefits to industries. Microbial enzymes are the preferred source to plants or animals [...]

Food additives and benefits when used properly

Many consumers with constant fear of additives claim they are toxic chemicals. However, this concern is unnecessary for authorized additives because these substances have been shown to be safe for human health at acceptable levels. Make food always fresh Food additives, if properly used, will help us to enjoy a healthy variety of seasonal foods. Additives will keep your food fresh in at least five ways: Slow down the process. Maintain and enhance nutritional value for food. An indispensable ingredient in [...]