Ningbo Wanglong Company

Wanglong is a high-tech company in China, founded in 1992, covers in many fields including chemical industry, food additives, vegetable industry, paper industry… Wanglong’s products are widely used in food, beverage, medicine, agricultural chemicals, printing and dyeing industry.

Xingmao Company

Xingmao established in July 1993 is a famous company about food ingredients production and distribution in China. Xingmao’s products are exported to more than 60 countries including the USA, Japan, South Korea, Poland and South-east Asia … Xing Mao passed the certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 & HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL, ROHS.

Shreegluco Biotech Company

Shreegluco Biotech is a leading company about starch and starch derivatives in India. Shreegluco Biotech specializes in corn wet milling products & its derivatives and is used for the food, pharmaceutical, industrial, animal feed & poultry applications.

Concentrol Company

Concentrol is a company from Spain, has over 75 years of experience in chemistry and is present in more than 60 countries across 5 continents. Concentrol specializes in chemical specialties such as defoamers, antifoams, surfactants, emulsifiers … which are widely used in food production and preservation; in addition, it is used in detergents, paints, ink, wastewater treatment…

Algalindo Perdana Company

ALGALINDO PERDANA is a famous company in Indonesia, established in 1960, specializing in the production of binders, thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, gelling agents … which are applied widely for the manufacture of processed meat, desserts, ice creams, beverages, confectioneries, dairy products, sauces…

Kasyap Sweetners Ltd Company

Kasyap Sweetners Ltd is a leading company in India specialized in manufacturing corn products such as Sorbitol, HFCS, liquid glucose, dextrose, corn starch,…Started in 1986, Kasyap Sweetners Ltd has now become the largest exporter of Sorbitol in Asia Pacific and distributed to 90 countries worldwide.

Boli Bio Company

We are the leading enzyme manufacturer in China with a reputation as a reliable supplier of quality enzyme products to domestic and foreign customers since its establishment in 2005. Equipped with advanced technology The production of GMP, 14001, 22000 and GMP standard. Our products, both Halal and Kosher certified, have been delivered to over 16 different countries over the years. Our strong technical team includes professionals with over 25 years of experience in research, development and production of enzyme [...]