Pullulanase PU-700

Pullulanase PU-700

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30 kgs/drum

Product Description

PU-700 is typically used in combination with glucoamylase for the production of high glucose syrup and high maltose syrup.

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Pullulanase PU-700 is derived from selected strains of Bacillus licheniformis by submerged fermentation and refining extraction process. This enzyme is especially used for hydrolysisof Pullulan (a polymer connected by maltotriose with α-1,6 glycosidic bonds). PU-700 can efficiently cut α-1,6 glucosidic bonds of the amylopectin , then cut the entire branch structure to produce amyloase.

PU-700 is typically used in combination with glucoamylase for the production of high glucose syrup and high maltose syrup.

Product characteristics:

Declared Enzyme:              Pullulanase

Systematic Name:             EC, pullulan 6- glucanohydrolase

Activity:                              700 BU/ml (minimum)

Appearance:                    Sepia Brown Liquid

Product pH:                     3.0 to 5.0

Specific gravity:             1.10 to 1.20 g/ml

Effect of pH:

PU-700 is active with pH range of 4.0 to 5.0, the optimal pH is 4.2 to 4.6.

Effect of temperature:

Effective temperature range for PU-700 is 50 to 65°C, and optimum temperature range is within 55 to 65°C.

Packaging, storage and shelf-life

PU-700 is packaged in 25kg, 30kg food-grade HDPE plastic drums or 1125 kg IBC totes.

Typical shelf-life is six months if this product is stored below 25°C in its original packaging, sealed and unopened, protected from direct sunlight. Its shelf-life will be eighteen months if it is stored properly at 0∼10°C.

Safe handling of enzymes

Inhalation of enzyme dust and mists should be avoided. In case of contact with skins or eyes, promptly rinse with water for at least 15 minutes. For detailed handling information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet.

Application in the production of High Glucose Syrup
Glucoamylase is very effective in hydrolysis of alpha-1, 4 glycosidic bond; however, glucoamylase is slow in hydrolysis of alpha-1, 6 glycosidic bond, the presence of which constitutes an obstacle in the production of high-glucose syrup. Using pullulanase can synergize together with glucoamylase during the saccharification stage, hence effectively improve the rate of hydrolysis of starch, reduce the dosage of glucoamylase, shorten the reaction time and increase the yield and purity of the glucose.
Application in the production of Extra-High Maltose Syrup
In the production of maltose, alpha-amylase is first used to liquefy the starch, then fungal alpha-amylase or beta-amylase shall be used to decompose starch, so the maltose content of the final product is about 50% to 60%, referred to as a high maltose syrup. While the synergistic effect of the use of pullulanase with alpha-amylase and beta-amylase, the maltose content in the final product can reach more than 80%, hence produce Exltra-High Maltose Syrup.

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